Nonpartisan Strategy & Messaging

What We Offer


"We provide candidates with the education needed to be competitive in campaigns and elections, while ensuring that they have a strategy that includes No Party Preference (NPP) and Decline to State (DTS) voters. “

Nonpartisan Strategy & Messaging

  • Create and Cultivate a Winning Campaign Strategy
  • Craft and Execute Winning Campaign Messages
  • Candidate Fitness, Psychology, Counseling, Campaign Preparation 
  • Build Relationships with the Press
  • Set up Interviews and Media Opportunities
  • Review Social, Print, Press, and Televised Media Releases and Candidate Speeches
  • Attend Meetings and Events with Candidate
  • Lobby Support for Endorsements and Fundraising Opportunities
  • Present Resources for Social, Print, and Televised Media and Marketing outreach
  • Build Relationships at the Registrar of Voters Office
  • Conduct Opposition Research for Internal Knowledge and Present Information to the Candidate
  • Analyze Data to Identify Laser Focused Voter Area Impact Points 
  • Focus on Decline to State (DTS) and No Party Preference (NPP) Voter Messaging and Outreach
  • Compliance Review (FPPC and Treasurer) Resource Referrals for all campaign related needs
  • Endorsements and Endorsement Questionnaire Review 
  • Vendor Solicitation Review
  • Network Development (People-to-People)
  • Identify Slate Candidates
  • Family Engagement and Participation Education
  • Exit Strategy 

*We help our candidates win regardless of their party preference. We work with candidates whose values align with the belief in mutual respect, inclusiveness, and non-discriminatory practices.

Bill Ponder


Bill Ponder is a Political strategist specializing in educational and election   consulting. He is a former University Vice President, and author with 35 years of experience.

Providing professional development for staff and administration, outreach to students and parents. Developing educational support programs for students and creating access and equity for low income and minority students.

  • Experienced Political Candidate
  • Principal Owner of Ponder & Associates: A full service company for K-12 and higher education and other related organizations that need specific educational services, consulting services for student life, academic support, enrollment management, senior leadership development and overall institutional effectiveness.
  • Harvard University Graduate School -Education
  • Executive level management development program for senior leadership in higher education.
  • San Diego State University Masters, Counseling and Psychology 

Stephen Groce


A Professional Connector of People, Projects, and Positive-Thinking who is driven by an entrepreneur spirit, Stephen Groce is an experienced  lifetime learner with a diverse background in key leadership roles  within retail, commercial, non-profit, civic, and higher education  industries. He has demonstrated success with a proven track record of  motivating and inspiring people to achieve their goals, business  management, and strategic planning.

Skilled at building  organization value in any given niche or climate through sales &  branding, team building, and profit protection by maximizing current  assets while minimizing expenses. Stephen has been described as a strong  strategic thinker by utilizing available resources and seizing  opportunities. These skills were enhanced by an MBA received from  Trident University International and honed through continuing education  knowledge across various concentrations from University of California  Irvine, Duke University, and University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton  School Extension/Coursera  

Skilled at branding, promotions, and building organization value in any given niche or climate through team building, sales & marketing, and profit protection. His focus is on maximizing current assets while minimizing expenses. Stephen has been described as a strong strategic thinker by utilizing available resources and seizing opportunities. These skills have forged by an MBA and honed with the following experience.

  • Experienced Political Candidate
  • Specialization Certificate in Business Foundations from University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School of Management.
  • Trident  University International- MBA Strategic & Organizational Leadership
  • Executive level management development program for senior leadership in business.
  • San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce – PLI Public Leadership Institute Fellow : Campaign and Election Training for Elected and Appointed Offices

Why Consult With US?

We have First-Person knowledge and experience in running for office and campaigning. Combined institutional knowledge of the political system, and deep understanding of political party thinking, we can draw from our personal networks to provide our candidates with knowledge and subject matter education, thus making them highly competitive. Our 20 point strategic plan is the play book.