About Us


Our History

In July 2017, BUILT By PN Industries, Inc., launched the Trifecta Business Strategy brand and service division. Inspired by the company acronym B.U.I.L.T (Brands for Utility, Interaction, Learning, & Thought), President & CEO Stephen Groce felt it necessary to provide the stakeholders within his network an added resource to fulfill any potential needs during an old, new, acquired, cultivated, or grown project or business. 


Our Team

Our team is comprised of Subject Matter Experts (SME) from across multiple industries. More importantly, you have a seat at the table. Our Consultants work with you and your organization in a one-on-one, step-by-step format. This allows for the decision-making process to be organic, authentic and fluid, while providing a collaborative style and structure. 


How Do We Measure Success?

Simply! You increase your sales, connections, budget performance, and exceed projections, Last Year results, Year-to-Date goals, Revenues per FTEs, margins beyond total dollars, and complete projects.